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Staging is the best communication tool that tells everything about your home!

When the time to put a home on the market comes, there are two different things every homeowner and real estate agent wants to do: sell the house fast and for the highest cost. By hiring home staging services, sellers can achieve both goals easily. Home staging allows a house to feel like a home.

While home staging has a primary cost investment, the ability to sell your home quickly for a higher profit significantly outweighs the starting costs of home staging.

Check out the home staging service packages in Toronto before you even consider listing your house online or putting that for sale.

Vacant home staging basic package:

This is the best contract month to month. Our basic packages include professionally staging the following vacant areas, such as:

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Master bedroom

In this package, we transform your empty home into a beautiful one. We prepare your home for photos and videos. We capture the entire property in high-quality images to fulfill your marketing needs.

View our contract:

We are clear as crystal about our company. This is one reason why our company has created industry-wide standards and the best practices policies.

Vacant home staging standard package:

We help you transform the look of your home by offering redesigning services. We work with all your interior spaces to redesign with a new style. By hiring our amazing services, you can easily get the best home value without breaking your bank accounts.

Vacant home staging preferred package:

This has always been the most amazing package that you get from us. In this package, the staging includes all interior or exterior spaces. This package also includes our wonderful professional-quality photographs and videos. If you don’t have a sufficient budget but want to reap the staging benefits, this is the package for you. In this plan, we become marketing partners to you and your realtor. By hiring the best home staging services, you can create a measurable and marketable impact on the perceived value of the property. So, that is why we focus on marketing skills.

A study conducted by the real estate association showed that home staging helps sell home fast. The study took 175 unstaged homes that were on the market for an average of 160 days. On the other hand, after staging, a home took an average of 40 days for sale. It is never inconvenient to prepare and show a home with home staging, whether a house is on the market for one day or a hundred days. You just need to ensure that you are beautifully and perfectly presenting your living arena to enjoy home staging benefits.

How much does home staging really cost?

The important thing to consider when choosing a home staging product, service, or company is the price. People may think they can save some money by choosing a lower-cost option, but it may not be the best option for your situation. At SB Interior Group, we will always recommend the best home staging service price packages in GTA for your situation, and we understand that each home and situation is unique.

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