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Do you really need a stager?

Selling your home while living in it is easier than you may think. Thanks to staging Consultation for occupied homes in Toronto!

Many people mistakenly think that their house needs to be empty in order to sell it. Sadly they miss out on an opportunity. Well, staging service for occupied homes in Toronto prepares your home for the market and makes it stand out. We will make your home ready for potential buyers, whether in person or for online viewing.

Buyers visit your home and make a quick decision, and your home must put its best foot forward. We have unmatched recognition and experience in the staging field. We have got your needs in mind, and we will take the time to guide you through the home staging process.

We will help your occupied home feel like a model home again. As time goes on, so does your collection of things: your piles get higher, laundry stacks wider, as well as counter space, runs out. We will help you delegate your things, reducing the clutter in the eyes of the visitors so they can experience living in your home. We work with your furniture and accessories to prepare your home in a way the buyers will fall in love with!

Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.

How we work?

We take three essential steps to offer you staging service for occupied homes in Toronto. Have a look:

Step one: Vacant preview

First of all, we preview your property. We spend about 30 to 40 minutes at the property during the preview to take photos, videos, and all essential measurements. Then we discuss a plan of action for your property. We send you a proposal with our suggestions to take the staging process to the next level.

Step two: Planning & staging

Once a contract has been signed, we start to formulate a unique staging plan for your property. We design your home in a way that matches the home’s style perfectly. This method will best showcase the home’s key selling points. In addition to this, we give your occupied home an eye-catching look that helps you make a first good impression.

Step three: Final touches

The staging process generally takes a few hours, depending on the size of the property. Every room is staged based upon the original design plan that was put into place. The last hour of our job is the most important because it is in which we give a final touch to your home. We make sure that every little detail is perfectly considered so that your home is ready for professional showings and photographs.

“Keep calm and hire a professional home stager!”

To know more about our services, just get in touch with us!

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